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Authorities to decide on tax hikes

"The impending tax raise intended to patch the budget spurred a whirlwind of meetings at the Finance Ministry, the NBR and the Cotroceni Palace (President's HQ) yesterday, to discuss the solutions that the Government could apply, but the authorities have not arrived at a clear decision yet.
Jeffrey Franks, the head of the IMF mission, flashed a smile while going to and from
the Finance Ministry and the NBR, but remained as unwilling to provide information about the progress of negotiations as ever.

"Romania has to provide reassurance that it will enforce good economic policies. We want to make sure the steps discussed with the Government will be rigorously implemented." This was the message conveyed by the Fund official after the second round of talks at the Finance Ministry yesterday.
Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu maintained his rhetoric with a touch of irony towards the media, which was trying to check all the scenarios launched on the market, saying several times until last evening that all options were being considered and nothing had been decided yet." writen by Claudia Medrega and Razvan Voican