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Year of tragedies: Romania struggles to keep afloat after six months of frost and floods

"The Galaţi authorities have for now found a way to protect the city from flooding by consolidating the Danube dam, but news is still bad for those whose houses lie close to Prut and Siret rivers, after the code red flood alert has been extended again until this afternoon.
The dam to protect the city of Galaţi, is 4.5-kilometre long and 1.5-metre tall, and was completed yesterday by 1,400 gendarmes, workers, and volunteers. The sand bag dam was "inspected" by President Traian Băsescu, after being "visited" by several politicians for several days in a row, Prime Minister Emil Boc included.
The head of the Government announced yesterday that 51 modular homes had been set up, to which another 19 would be added, and said the first construction materials would get there next week. He specified, however, that the state would not pay for the reconstruction of homes located in flood-prone areas.
Around 2,500 households in Botoşani county were flooded last week by rivers Prut, Siret, Jijia, Buhai, and Miletin, with over 3,800 people rescued and evacuated, according to data from the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations." source Ziarul Financiar