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Antimissile shield in Romania subject for debate in NATO-Russia Council

"The American antimissile shields that will be built by the Americans in Romania in Deveselu (Olt) was on the agenda of the NATO-Russia Council in Brussels yesterday, with Moscow demanding legal guarantees again that the shield will not be targeted against it.
The topic of the antimissile shield that will be built in Deveselu, and which will entail deployment of missile interceptors and of missile guidance radars, was present in most Western and Russian publications yesterday, without being discussed at length. A few papers in the Russian Federation have published statements of Russian leaders opposing the shield, with Rossiskaia gazeta suggesting Romania's intention was to get its hands on the Republic of Moldova.

Bogdan Aurescu, secretary of state in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who negotiates the deployment of the antimissile shield for the Romanian party, has said again that Moscow's concerns are not justified, and that the shield is strictly defensive. The risks of deploying the shield are much smaller than the advantages, Aurescu says.

Today the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry will offer the technical details of the deployment of the antimissile shield in Deveselu." sursa ZF