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Cemacon invests in distribution to double market share

"Brick manufacturer Cemacon Zalău (CEON), whose main shareholder is Broker Cluj, plans to increase its sales 2.6 times to 58 million lei, although it expects the market to stagnate.
The company last year completed a 28 million-euro investment in a new brick manufacturing line, which will see it almost triple its production this year and intends to gain market share by significantly developing distribution and its portfolio of products.

The Cemacon management plans to allocate 9.5 million lei (2.3 million euros) this year for logistical expenditures that did not exist in preceding years, and outsource its transport operations.

"Up until now Cemacon was a company that sold only ex works and did not entail logistical expenditures, with sales only to local clients. Starting this year, the new production line at Recea will start working at full speed (...) and we intend to boost sales by a strategy of gaining market share by boosting the number of distributors, developing distribution and our product portfolios," says Liviu Stoleru, general manager of Cemacon Zalău (CEON stock symbol).

Stoleru hopes his new strategy will see the Zalău brick manufacturer among the top 3-4 players on the Romanian market by the end of this year." sursa ZF