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Announcement regarding your YouTube ads payments

Hey Partner,

You probably noticed in the past that monthly YouTube earnings payments occurred on a different timeline (about 60 days after they were earned) than AdSense earnings payments (about 30 days after they were earned). We are excited to announce that starting this month and moving forward, payments from both YouTube and AdSense will occur on the same 30-day cycle.

What this means is that your YouTube earnings for July will arrive this month rather than next month as they would have under the former earnings payment schedule. Many partners will see a larger-than-normal payout in August since they will be receiving their June and July YouTube earnings, plus their normal (July) AdSense earnings. In September and beyond, both YouTube and AdSense earnings will be on a 30 day cycle and payouts will be back at normal levels.

For more information, please view our Help Center article here.

The Google AdSense Team