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No change of leaders among top 50 best-selling drugs on Romanian market

"The ranking of the 50 best-selling drugs on the Romanian market, dominated by heart and cancer drugs, is topped by Neorecormon (used in the treatment of kidney failure and cancer), which is followed by Pegasys (hepatitis), the top sellers of the last three years, according to a ZF analysis based on data from market research company Cegedim Romania. Changes are to be expected only in the second tier, while top-ranking drugs are difficult to topple.

"These are drugs in which a lot has been invested (the top ten drugs), they are manufactured by (financially) powerful companies.

I am sure the market will have its say and hierarchies will change," said Ioan Nani, general manager of drug manufacturer Antibiotice Iasi.

Most of the top-50 drugs are prescription drugs manufactured by international giants. Romanian manufacturers have few drugs in this ranking. The best-positioned international company in the ranking is Roche, with four products in the top ten.

The pharmaceutical market amounted to 1.9 billion euros last year, four times more than in 2000." writen by Ioana David