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Treasury Hall in History Museum worth at least 500m euros

"Gold in the Historical Treasury has never been valued and is not insured, because the Romanian state cannot afford to pay policies worth 50 million euros per year. However, museum representatives are not worried because the pieces are exhibited in a bunker that managed remain concealed from the Germans during the First World War, and they have installed a high-performance security system, using infrared, sensors, and guarded by gendarmes.

If you want to see for yourself what 500 million euros' worth of gold look like, all you need to do is go down into the Treasury Hall of the National History Museum, where the most valuable objects in Romania's history are exhibited: the Pietroasele Treasure, Dacian bracelets, crown jewels, plus several hundred additional arms and pieces of jewellery.

The collection has not been valued or insured, but, according to experts in the field, it is worth more than 500 million euros.

"The Historical Treasure, i.e. everything that is exhibited and in storage, can be worth something in the range of an eight-digit figure, obviously in euros. Such a calculation is difficult to make, of course, because, under normal circumstances, and even in times of war, Treasure objects would not be put up for sale, which would enable us to determine their market value," says doctor Ernest Oberlander - Tarnaveanu, head of the Numismatics and Treasury Department within the National Museum of Romanian History." writen by Doina Anghel