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Idiot Vladescu wants 16% flat tax across the board

"Finance Minister Sebastian Vladescu wants to bring more money to the budget by extending the flat tax to all categories of individual incomes.
The finance minister wants a 16% tax to be levied on all categories of individual incomes, which include interest rates, stock exchange transactions, and luncheon vouchers.
"I hope the 16% tax will be levied across the board," said Vladescu, in answer to a question by journalists.
He went before Parliament yesterday to be heard by the Standing Bureau of the Senate, but, because of the plenary vote on the "ANI law", the hearing on commitments to the IMF was put off.

Last year profits made from stock exchange investments and from investments in mutual funds were not taxed, as a result of a measure taken by the Tariceanu Government to support the capital market, which suffered massive losses due to the financial crisis. The tax on profits from stock exchange investments was introduced in 2006, when the Finance Minister was also Sebastian Vladescu.
Individuals were also exempt from payment of tax on interest earned for term deposits. Up until last year, incomes from sight deposits and from current accounts were deemed non-taxable by the Fiscal Code. Under the circumstances, the individual clients preferred to place their disposable income in savings accounts, attracted by the fact that although the interest rate on these products was slightly lower than in the case of term deposits, it was not subject to a 16% tax." writen by Claudia Medrega and Roxana Petrescu