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34m euros wasted on subsidies for inexistent cows

"Over 4,200 farmers, who used to own 136,000 cows, received 34 million euros in EU subsidies via the Romanian state, although they had sold their livestock. The money hemorrhage was stopped last week by Finance Minister Sebastian Vladescu, who requested another method for granting the money, after all of the Agriculture Ministry officials asked by ZF why they were squandering this money said "this was the agreement negotiated with Brussels."

This makes up around 10% of the overall amounts the European Union has made available for cattle farmers with more than three cows, who received 125 euros (500 RON) per year per livestock head.

Citing the agreement negotiated with Brussels, which led to subsidies being granted per livestock head based on statements made by farmers in January 2008, the authorities wasted around 17 million euros per year on cows declared two years ago, which no longer feature in the farmers' activities.

Asked by ZF almost half a year ago why this waste was occurring, Agriculture Minister Mihail Dumitru said, "It is not right to get money for cows you have sold, but things will not change for another three years, because this is the agreement with Brussels." write by Cristina Stoian

Urmatoarea achizitie 3 vacute :)) CLAR