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Top 20 FMCG brands by sales

"Seven local brands and 14 international ones handle 2.2 billion euros a year, that is approximately 10% of the total sales of consumer goods in Romania, reveals the Top 20 FMCG brands compiled by ZF based on data supplied by companies.

The ranking includes only four Romanian-held companies, given that the biggest markets of those considered - cigarettes, beer and soft drinks, have been dominated by multinationals for a number of years.

The record seller is Kent, whose sales are put by ZF at half a billion euros, about one quarter of the local cigarette market. As a comparison, there are major FMCG markets that have yet to reach 500 million euros in sales, such as coffee, fruit soft drinks and laundry detergents, because of the huge gaps between the local consumption and the European average.

At the bottom of the ZF ranking are the Orbit chewing gum (Wrigley) and Pampers diapers (P&G), which generate around 40 million euros in business a year each." writen by Diana Tudor

Normal ca Kent e pe primul loc, doar fumez Kent 4 :)))