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Ford and Opel up, Hyundai and Fiat down

"The ten best-selling car brands on the Romanian market sold nearly 62,000 vehicles in the first eight months of this year, the equivalent of over 80% of the overall market, according to statistics of players on the auto market.

Ford, Opel, Skoda, and Chevrolet climbed in the ranking of the best-selling brands, Dacia, VW, Renault kept their positions, i.e. first, third and fourth, while Hyundai and Fiat fell in the ranking.
The only brands that rose in August were Opel and Chevrolet, by 42% and 15% respectively.

After the "boom" recorded in June, the only month that saw a sales rise against the similar month of last year, last month the auto market saw a decline by 40% to around 6,700 vehicles. According to statements made by Alin Tapalagă, the head of Porsche Inter Auto, the retail division of Porsche Romania, car sales will continue their decline in the second half of the year, with the only two months that could see over 10,000 units sold being October and November, amid the completion of the scrappage scheme." writen by Bogdan Alecu