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IT market between stagnation and slight increases in Q3

"IT product sales stalled or slightly advanced, say some of domestic players, with the VAT hike as one of the factors that influenced the market.
"Against the same period of last year, third quarter sales rose by around 10% and against the second quarter advanced by around 5%," Marius Ghenea, chairman of FIT Distribution, an IT distribution and retail company, told ZF.
He added the 5% increase can be accounted by the fact that a sales increase was registered before the VAT hike, which transferred some sales back to the second quarter.

As regards computer sales, they were in line with the rest of the company's sales, with notebooks as the bestsellers, Ghenea says.
"Sales were flat against the first two quarters, but we hope they will rise this month, as it usually happens after September 15," said Bogdan Iftemie, sales manager with Acer, leader of the domestic PC market.
Logitech, a major player on the domestic computer peripherals market, estimates the IT market was more dynamic in the third quarter against a year ago, with all producers approaching consumers, whose purchasing power has declined significantly in recent months, with more aggressive offers than in previous years." writen by Andreea Magraon