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Ziemba, Asesoft Distribution: we target 29m-euro revenues from laptops alone

"The domestic distribution market will rise by 10-15% this year, said Răzvan Ziemba, general manager of Asesoft Distribution, the biggest IT&C distribution firm domestically, in an interview with ZF.
He maintains the increase will come as users will start spending again, after having delayed purchases as a result of the financial crisis.
"We have significant orders and plans for yearend," says Ziemba, who also warns the increases are coming amid a very low demand level.
The company in the third quarter posted a 30% increase against the same period of last year and a 20% one against the second quarter.

Asesoft Distribution reached 54m-euro turnover in the first six months of the year, up 33% from a year ago.
For 2010, the company plans to hit 144m-euro turnover. Last year, it reached 3.5m-euro profit amid 96.7m-euro turnover. "For this year, we target 30% growth against last year and so far we are on schedule," says Ziemba, adding he expects a similar growth rate for the fourth quarter.
The biggest weight was held by notebooks, which account for almost 20% of the total sales this year. "Whereas in 2008, the share of notebooks in Asesoft's overall sales stood at 5%, in 2009 it doubled to 10% and will double again this year, which is an obvious trend on the market (...)" Ziemba says." source Ziarul Financiar