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Bankers, replaced in salary ranking by fuel and metal sellers

"Bankers, who in 2009 dominated the top half of the ranking of the 10 biggest net salaries in Bucharest, were last year replaced by fuel and metal sellers or fund managers, who were new entrants.
At the same time, the total value of the biggest gains generated by persons in the top ten reached 11.6m lei (2.75m euros), 3.4 times less than the 2009 net receipts of 39.8m lei (9.4m euros), in line with data released by the General Department of Bucharest Public Finances (DGFPB).

Whereas in 2009 the five largest salary-type incomes registered in Bucharest were posted in the banking sector, in line with DGFPB final data, in 2010 the situation changed.

The only link with the financial sector in the ranking of the biggest salaries of 2010 was a person positioned fourth, who gained 1.17m lei for "Other financial intermediation deals".

The biggest net salary in Bucharest was earned by a fund manager of district 1, who gained 1.7m lei (0.4m euros), in line with DGFBP data. The monthly salary would in this case stand at 144,679 lei.

Ranking second in the 2010 top, with an annual gain of 1.55m lei, is a person of district four, who brokered sales of fuel, ores, metals and chemical products for industry.

Business and management consultancy brought a Bucharest inhabitant of district one 1.2m lei, a sum that brought him the third position in the ranking.

From metal and metallic ore wholesale, two Bucharest inhabitants of district 4 last year cashed in almost similar salaries, of 1.09m lei and 1.06m lei respectively, with which they entered the ranking directly on the fifth and sixth positions." by ZF