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Mitsubishi: couriers and energy firms, interested in electrical cars

"Electrical car demand domestically is double the most "positive" initial estimates, with companies wanting both to improve their image and slash fuel costs.
"We're in talks with several clients that will acquire over ten i-MiEV electrical cars.
All these orders will materialise more or less depending on government incentives. We originally did not expect such a potential. We expected sales of less than five units this year," said Daniel Antor, an executive manager with M Car Trading, Mitsubishi importer domestically, part of Ţiriac Holdings.

Antor underscored there are already advanced talks underway with Bucharest and Constanţa city halls for the creation of an infrastructure, such as fitting loading stations in public parking lots.

The first client that acquired a Mitsubishi i-MiEV was the domestic unit of Mitsubishi Corporation, a company owned directly by the Japanese concern. Besides this, couriers, electricity firms and fuel distributors are also interested in electrical cars." by ZF