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Rise in food prices takes inflation to new high: 8.34%

"The rise in food prices underestimated by analysts again, and compounded by the increase in electricity price took annual inflation to 8.34% at the end of April, after a 0.66% monthly increase.

Foods became 0.92% more expensive in April compared with March, while non-food prices went up by 0.87%.
On the other hand, service tariffs fell slightly by 0.42%, as a result of the appreciation of the leu against the euro and the dollar.

What were the highest price increases? Fresh fruit price leapt by 7.7% in April, while sugar and potatoes became 4.99% and 4.5% more expensive, and the flour price rose by 1.6%.

As for the non-food products, the highest price increase was that of electricity, which weighs quite a lot in the consumer basket, with the jump compared with March standing at 5%." by ZF